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Brisbane Family Mediation Centre (BFMC) is a Specialist Family Mediation Firm based in the inner Brisbane suburb of Albion.  BFMC is a multidisciplinary mediation practice offering a holistic service to clients experiencing divorce and separation. Our onsite team of specialist family law mediators are able to offer bespoke solutions for our clients by combining expert legal knowledge with on site counselling and financial advice as required.

Mediation is the term given to a process where an independent neutral person is engaged by you and your spouse to facilitate discussions between you and assist you to reach agreement. There are many different forms of mediation that are often used to assist families after separation. We strongly recommend mediation as a very effective way of facilitating agreements on family law issues for your family after separation and divorce.

In our experience most matters that are properly prepared and proceed to mediation settle without the need for clients to file Court proceedings or attend at Court. Mediation can therefore be a very cost effective method of reaching a settlement in both financial and children’s matters after relationship breakdown. The structured process of mediation provides a safe and supportive environment in which each participant can have their say.

Mediation is voluntary and confidential. The Mediation process enables parties to discuss all issues, no matter how big or small, to reach agreement on all matters. This should be compared to the Court process where often the smaller issues are overlooked.

Mediation is also a speedy and cost effective way of resolving disputes and conflicts. It may also minimise the risk of conflicts in the future. The process can save or re-establish important family and parenting relationships and may prevent the need for legal action.

At BFMC we pride ourselves on ensuring the legal solutions we assist you to reach are appropriate at law but more importantly tailored to suit you and your family’s goals and wishes.

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What happens at mediation?

In the simplest sense, a mediation is really a meeting between you and your spouse that is facilitated by a neutral third party, a mediator.  Generally this meeting or mediation will take place around a table and is an informal setting where you should be able to relax and share your thoughts and concerns on the issues you need to find solutions for.  Sometimes mediations will be best conducted by phone or Skype or with two partners in separate rooms.  When you are meeting with your mediator for you intake process, discuss with them your different mediation options so you can ensure you find the best method for you.

For a mediation to be an effective settlement tool time must be first taken to prepare your case. This may involve obtaining valuations of property and other assets or obtaining specialist advice in relation to care arrangements for children.   We can assist you during your intake process to identify any preparation that may give you and your partner the best chance of finding a solution during your mediation.

You would usually share the costs of the mediator with your former partner but other arrangements can be made in some circumstances. The date will then be set for the mediation which is normally held at our offices.

Most mediations involving financial and parenting issues will last for a full day. It can be a tiring process and it is important to take the time to discuss the best mediation process for you.

Every family is different and the mediation process can be tailored to your needs. Both joint sessions and individual sessions will be held enabling you time to discuss issues and make every attempt to resolve disputes.

How can i best prepare for mediation?

Prior to attending mediation it can be helpful to meet with a family lawyer and obtain some advice about the likely legal outcomes in your circumstances if you cannot reach an agreement.  This may include advice about the Court Process.  We can assist you by providing recommendations of Specialist Family Lawyers in your local area.  As Mediators, we cannot provide you with legal advice.

Agreements that are reached at mediation generally require parties to be able to compromise and see the ‘bigger picture’.  You should also obtain specific advice on the likely financial cost to you in proceeding with a legal process if you cannot reach a resolution at mediation. When you are negotiating a settlement it is important to be aware of the costs that may be incurred and the time frame involved if you are unable to reach agreement and have to proceed to Court. These costs may include both financial and emotional costs.

Before you attend at mediation make sure you know what your best  and worst  legal outcomes might look like. If you have a lawyer assisting you, take the time to discuss your negotiation and settlement strategy with them prior to your mediation. You should attend at your mediation knowing how your day at mediation will flow and be ready to make and consider any settlement proposals. Most importantly keep an open mind, remain positive and be ready to compromise.

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